Thursday, November 14, 2013

weekend away: packing list

dress / tote / hat / jacket / necklace / jeans / button-down / sweater / suitcase / tights / boots 

Over the past few months I have been going on a lot of weekend trips.  There have been car trips to Tahoe, jaunts to Oregon and even a short business trip to Arizona.  With each of these trips, I often struggle how to pack efficiently and lightly.  Its only a couple of days, but I want to look stylish and comfortable of course.  With each of these trips, I have been creating a list of easy go-to for travel.  Outfits that will take you through sight-seeing to dinner with friends.  

Being deep into fall and the weather getting cooler everyday, you definitely want a couple of layering options.  I always start with my jeans.  My personal go-to are dark wash skinnies.  I can wear them with  flats or boots and the dark wash always looks polished.  Along with that, an easy white button-down and a neutral pull-on sweater, worn separately or together if the weather is cooler.  I also, nearly always pack a dress (and tights for winter).  A super easy knit dress is comfortable and an entire look in 1 garment.  It also gives you the ability to have an option for going out or a nice dinner.

-Easy jacket.  This one is lightweight, but great to layer over a sweater for extra wind protection when out and about.  
-Wide brim hat, sun protection and warmth!
-Statement necklace, which can help bring your white shirt or knit dress up to a whole new level.
-A leather tote (or easy carry bag).   A larger bag is the perfect additional carry-on for a flight and gives you ample room for souvenirs and camera.
-Comfortable shoes: for the fall/winter time, I always bring a pair of boots.  I recently got these, and am LOVING their versatility.
-Small carry-on suitcase.  I am loving the camo print as a way to stand out, but still neutral.

Now, where to go next?!

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