Wednesday, August 7, 2013 edition

This one has actually been a long time coming, and a collection of my favorite things!

Read: Grace, by Grace Coddington.  Simply amazing for anyone who loves fashion, photography or is just interested in the interior workings of the industry!

Visit: there really much else to say?  Fashion capital and the birthplace of couture.

Wear: Anything that makes you feel fabulous.  This particular image is from Vogue, 2003.  Photography Craig McDean, styled by Grace Coddington.  This image is featured in the back of Coddington's book, but is also one of the first images I ripped out of Vogue and hung on my inspiration board for years.  I cannot get enough of Christian Lacroix's red flared jacket.

Watch: The September Issue.  Same reasons to read  Grace Coddington's book.  Fascinating inside look!  

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