Tuesday, August 13, 2013

i spy: fashion + sweatpants

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The latest trend...dressing up your sweats.  Whether it is a plain sweatshirt with an amazing graphic tucked into a lace skirt, a jeweled neckline with a chambray shirt and jeans or a slim fitting sweatpant with heels, the latest fashion trend is all about comfort. 

I will admit that I was kind of hesitant to jump on this particular bandwagon.  The idea of fleece fabrication for the longest time has been oversized hooded sweatshirts with your college logo.  However, I bought my first crew neck sweatshirt earlier this year from Old Navy and I LOVE it.  Less formal and tougher than a sweater, it is the perfect lightweight piece.  I have worn it on the weekends with boyfriend jeans and TOMS, or to work with a statement necklace and skirt.  I decided today I would fully embrace the trend, and with fall just around the corner, share a few that embody the new version of sweats.


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