Sunday, August 11, 2013

California Adventure: swimming holes

A couple weeks ago, R and I took a short road trip to the central Sierras in search of a swimming hole.  I know that may sound ridiculous, to drive over 3 hours to go swimming in a river.  But summers in SF can get pretty winter-like at times, which leads us in search of sunshine, hot weather and cool, refreshing pools.

Years ago, R and I had visited Mushroom Hole, a local swimming hole off the Middle Yuba River and a short hike from the main road.  We had intentions of revisiting this same place, until after over an hour searching for the trail head (hidden amongst the brush), we were deterred when we ran into a long, barbed wire fence that blocked off the trail to the river.

Back at the car, we went back to our guide book, Day Trips with a Splash, and found another local favorite, Oregon Creek, back up the road about 7 miles.  After another short detour down the wrong trail, we were feeling a little bit desperate that our entire trip would be in vain.  Nearing the early evening, we found our destination.  Oregon Creek is a group of small pools and waterfalls down a dusty path and filled with shade-covering trees.  The water was cool and flowing over polished, moss-covered rocks, creating natural slides.  If you're searching for a place for solitude, this is not the destination.  Scattered across the smooth rocks were small groups of people enjoying the sunshine splitting through the cracks in the tree canopy.  After such a long trip in the car; R, Moz and I basked on the sunny rocks, dipped into the clear water and overall enjoyed a Saturday afternoon getaway from the city.    

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