Monday, June 17, 2013

california adventure-tahoe

Since R and I are taking our big vacation / honeymoon in a little over a week, we decided to stay close to home for our 1st anniversary.  Living in Northern California one of our all time favorite places to visit is Lake Tahoe.  We have spent most of our summertime in Tahoe backpacking, but this time we stayed at a hotel resort.  Our room walked right out onto the beach of the lake and made for a gorgeous walk each morning.  
On Saturday, we spent the day leisurely hanging out at the hotel, walking around the downtown and enjoying a local brewery and pizza.  It was still pretty chilly, so there was definitely no swimming, but it was gorgeous just spending time wandering around South Lake.  

On Sunday (our actual anniversary), we woke up early to go for a run following the lakeshore, and then headed out to Fallen Leaf Lake for a hike and picnic.  We found a gorgeous little waterfall and laid out all our picnic fixings in the sun to enjoy.   Tahoe is amazingly picturesque and an easy 4 mile hike will bring you to "hidden lakes" and gorgeous vistas.  

{top-waterfall at our picnic; bottom left-end of hike reward, bottom right-anniversary cake and wine}
Afterwards, it was dinner at Cafe Fiore {excellent}, a bottle of JCB wine we have been saving for a "special occasion" and mini version of our wedding cake {susie cakes} for dessert!  Our first year of marriage has been an amazing opportunity for growth and building a partnership together.  Learning to live more selflessly, more in the moment and continuing to find little adventures together.  I have no doubt that we still have a lot to learn still, but excited to see what the next phase brings!

{view from our room}
{Glen Alpine Springs-turn of the century resort and mineral pool}

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