Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wanderlust: English Countryside

Image by Heather Hester
My mind is set on the English Countryside this week apparently.  It may be that I have read too much Jane Austen or watched too much Downton Abbey, but I love the thought of beautiful stone houses set in gorgeous green fields.  I am sure in reality it rains often and the houses are probably quite chilly, but it can't stop me from dreaming.

Image {clockwise} 1, 2, 3, 4

I have been very restless this week.  R and I are planning a trip to Europe in the summer and though I put it out of my mind the last couple of months, I cannot this week.  I have had the privilege to travel to many places around the world in my life and work, but this will be R and I's 2nd big trip abroad together.  We are not actually going to the English countryside on our trip, this is simply my personal indulgence!

Left image via Pinterest {could not find original source} / Right image Heather Hester

A strong desire to travel: "a man consumed by wanderlust".

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