Monday, April 22, 2013

earth day

Happy Earth Day!  Living in an urban area, there are very few places with yards or large outdoor spaces.  It can be a challenge to have the opportunity to grow your own food, work in a garden or simply enjoy the beauty of spending time out in the sun.  I will admit that I do not have much of a green thumb.  I cannot keep a houseplant alive for anything, including the "unkillable" ones...

BUT-I love beautiful flowers in the spring and summer, and with R's encouragement am learning about and appreciating native California plants.  I have been VERY fortunate for the last 4 years to have an apartment with a gorgeous, large balcony.  R and I have spent time cultivating a small space for  us (really me) to enjoy my tea and journaling in the morning.

Not everyone has this opportunity, but many cities and urban places are helping to meet some of those desires by creating spaces for community gardens.  These are amazing opportunities to enjoy working outdoors with flowers and food plants while living within the urban environment.  So, for earth day, I visited a few gardens near my home in SF.  They are places for neighborhood communities to come together and cultivate beautiful and functional green spaces.

{Potrero Hill Community Garden-overlooking the city landscape}
{Bee hive at Alemany Farm}
{Flannel bush blooming at Alemany Farm}

Another place I visited in the city is Alemany Farm.  It is a small farm that works to educate local residents on how to become their own food producers.  Twice a week, they have community volunteers come to work on the farm.  If there is produce harvested, it is shared amongst the volunteers and local residents.  Places like this are a great opportunity to get experience with growing your own food without committing to your own plot!

Happy Earth day and I hope that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the natural world and maybe even add a small part of it to our own lives!
{Potrero del Sol Community Garden-located next to a skate park} 

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