Thursday, April 4, 2013

dreaming...of pools, palm trees and pretty suits

For my bachelorette last April, my bridesmaids planned a long weekend in Palm Springs in a mid-century, Eichler style house, complete with a pool, hot tub and fire pit.  We spent 3 days relaxing by the pool (or in the pool rather since it was over 100 degrees).  It was a beautiful home, and I instantly fell in love with the small city in the desert!  I am so excited to be going back there again later this spring!

In San Francisco, however, it RARELY gets warm enough to don a bathing suit, so I do not really spend the time looking for the perfect style every summer.  However, with another trip to the sun just over the horizon, I could not help to explore some different options than my typical bikini.  

I found the selections at J. Crew, Madewell and Anthro to be my favorites.  They have such beautiful florals, feminine colors and unique silhouettes.  I adore the watercolor floral and cutout 1 piece shape of #2!  The pink stripe seersucker (#3) is also one I have been eyeing for a while.  Ahhh, maybe it is time to invest in a pretty swimsuit for all the upcoming summer adventures!

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  1. Hi Liza, wow those colours, I would like to try all of them! : )
    And love the stripy bikini!
    Just found your blog on byw, looking forward to reading more! : )

    1. Hi Beata-Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! All the swimsuits that are out now though make me so excited for the summertime!!


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