Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dreaming of...ethereal landscapes and fabulous cocktail parties!

One of the things that I am very passionate about in the apparel industry is sustainability.  I believe that it comes in a multitude of facets and looks different for each company and consumer.  Many companies, though far from perfect, have been taking strides to help the consumer understand sustainability and to contribute a part in improving the industry as a whole.  This can come in the form of environmental action or social consciousness.  

So, it excites me VERY much when you can see a collection that combines beauty and sustainability in an affordable way. H&M recently launched its "Conscious Exclusive" collection which features romantic gowns, gorgeous cocktail dresses and amazing accessories made from sustainable materials (ie. recycled polyester or organic cotton).  It is a long way from perfection, but in many ways small steps by large companies can make the most significant impacts.  

left, right
I picked out a few of my favorites from the collection.  Honestly, I know that a mint green evening gown is completely impractical, but I ADORE it!  Maybe there is a black tie event in my near future...
scarf, clutch

A great video on ways that H&M and other companies are looking at the future of sustainability.

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