Tuesday, April 2, 2013

California Adventure: SLO and Highway 1

“I was surprised, as always, be how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility.”

― Jack KerouacOn the Road

How true the words are...  It feels so hard sometimes to pack up and leave town, its so easy to stay and follow my normal routine (which I do love).  However, once you are out on the road, how easy it feels.  To be out exploring the world and cultivating a curiosity about the world around you.  R, Moz and I did exactly that this weekend.  We set off on Friday evening, with only a campsite reserved and a general idea of what we were going to do when we got there.

We headed about 4 hours south of the city, towards San Simeon State Park to spend 2 nights camping and exploring the local area.  We arrived in Cambria in the evening, had dinner at a little restaurant along the foggy coast and set up camp a little while later.  

After a short hike at our campsite on Saturday, we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway (highway 1-which follows the coastline the entire length of California) looking for beaches or other hiking spots.  It was beautiful along the ocean and we were fortunate to find a local beach full of elephant seals resting (or basically laying around).  

Once we had our fill of watching the elephant seals (and Moz was getting anxious to chase them), we headed further south to a couple other beaches and San Luis Obispo for an early dinner and cocktails (at Luna Red)!  We strolled along the downtown and even went to look at Bubblegum Alley, known for its accumulation of bubble gum on the walls.  Not going to lie, it kind of grossed me out.

Easter Sunday entailed a visit to Hearst Castle (more on that later) and then a leisurely drive back to SF on highway 1.  It took us several hours to make the drive due to stopping for a few roadside hikes, lunch and simply amazing views of the California coastline!

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