Tuesday, March 19, 2013

California Adventure: Napa

This past weekend, my friend was in town for some much needed R&R (along with myself).  It had been such a crazy last few weeks, that it was the perfect opportunity to take a long weekend with wine and sunshine.  The weather was perfect and we spent Friday casually making our way to different wineries along St. Helena highway.

Our first stop was at a rather new winery called Ram's Gate Winery.  It is located right at the edge of Sonoma Valley.  It has a beautiful seating area, with a beautiful view of the entire landscape, full of vineyards and sheep grazing.  We tasted 4 different wines, with the sauvignon blanc being our favorite with its crisp, fruity flavors.    

Our next stop was just down the highway at Viansa Winery.  Many people have recommended this winery and I was anxious to try it out.  The place was stunning and we tasted a variety of Italian wines from the vineyards in Carneros Valley.  Our final stops on Friday were to Franciscan and Peju.  Peju is one of my personal favorites.  Family-owned and operated, and organically farmed, they make a delicious variety of wines.  Some of our favorites are Provence, which is a blend of red and white wine that is chilled and PERFECT for any bbq or outdoor gathering.  It is refreshing, but not too sweet as many rosés' can be.  R and I's personal favorite is their Merlot.

On Saturday, we had reservations to tour Beaulieu Vineyard.  I had actually never been to the winery before, but it was a great experience to tour their facilities and see how they make wine.  It is a very labor intensive process and is remarkable to see, rather taste, the final result.  The winery itself has been around for over 100 years, and was one of the few wineries to survive Prohibition.  They have a fascinating history and legacy.  Part of that is their BV Private Reserve Georges de Latour Cabernet.  It was made in memory of the BV founder Georges de Latour.  I am usually not a fan of cabs, but this one was absolutely delicious!  

It turned out to be a perfect weekend getaway, with only a short drive from the city and an opportunity to see the California poppies and mustard flowers in bloom!


  1. Dear Liza,
    I've just found you through BYW forum. Pleased to meet you.
    I loved these pictures - I worked many years for a company which produces grapes for wine and if there's something I miss is walking around the vineyards in different times of the year.

  2. Margarida-Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Its great to meet you too! I agree I absolutely love the vineyards. I actually cannot get enough of the landscapes in wine country!

  3. I love your photos! These make me want to go to Napa myself!


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