Sunday, March 17, 2013

blogs i love

This month I am taking a blogging class from  Blogging Your Way (taught by Holly Becker from decor8), called Blog Boss.  I have had the opportunity to learn so many new things and getting to explore new blogs through the students in the class.  This week, we are doing case studies on blogs and why we love them.  I have chosen a few of my favorite to share today!

8 Blogs that I Love (+1 extra for fun):
My go-to blogs are blogs that I read every day.  Its how I start each morning and I really appreciate the work that these women have put in to give great content and beautiful images day after day. Others are ones that I frequent nearly daily, but also simply love them for the amazing design, unique and creative content and are a true joy to pop by and enjoy a few moments of inspiration in the middle of the day.

A Cup of Jo: I love the diversity of the posting.  It is an amazing and interesting blend, from fashion and parenthood (and I'm not even a parent) to just funny things that she finds in her life.

Cupcakes and Cashmere: I absolutely love the content and diversity.  It is fashion, DIY, cooking and personal glimpses into her life.

Piece of Cake / Peace of Mind: This is a recent one that I found.  I love the primary colors of the design; simple, yet fun and whimsical.   I also love the make/use/wear/eat column which is such a unique way to share inspiration for the week in different aspects of life.  Also, she is a tea lover like me (what's not to like about that)!

Raining Sheep : simple. beautiful. photography

Honey Kennedy : The graphic design of the blog is so lovely.  Many blogs are fairly simple, but honeykennedy has beautiful and ethereal graphic design throughout her entire interface.  Her content is great too, I love her support of local or smaller fashion designers. 

The Senses Five : love the idea of exploring life through the 5 senses and how that is interpreted. 

The final are bloggers from my class.  I have recently gotten acquainted with their blogs, but am looking forward to reading them regularly!
Lovey Dovey : The posts are so interesting and really draw the reader in.  It is really simple and personal.

This Makes Me Happy :  Beautiful and unique layout,  I loved the simple design, clean, beautiful pictures/images.  

A Life Well Lived : When exploring this blog, I loved all of the content, especially on traveling and adventure.  It also has great photography which brings the posts to life.



  1. Hello lovely Liza!
    How incredibly sweet of you to include my humble little blog in your list of blogs. I am very happy to have found your beautiful blog also!
    Sending you lots of love!

  2. Hi Liza...
    i couldn't be more excited that my little blog made it on your list of blogs that rock. thank you so much! and i'm so happy i've discovered your lovely blog as well. such a delight to read!
    xoxo, Lo.


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