Tuesday, February 5, 2013

year in review

I suppose I am starting my "new year" on February 5th.  I realize that this post is a little delayed, but it has been a busy, busy January.  Though, I cannot blame the holidays, as R and I really took advantage of the time-off by having a staycation and recovering from 2012.  

Overall, though 2012 was an incredible year, full of new places, new adventures and big events, in both my personal and professional life.  The wedding was really the biggest highlight of the year (read more here, here, here and here), and all of the events that led up to it, including my bridal shower, bachelorette weekend and many visits down to Pie Ranch.  Followed shortly after by getting promoted at work, then a whirlwind summer and fall, with trips to Seattle, New Orleans, Colorado and Kansas!

I am so grateful for this amazing year, and for the many, many loved ones who I got to share it with.  Looking forward to continuing the fun times in 2013!!

Photo by Nirav Photography 

Photo by Nirav Photography

Bachelorette weekend!

Back to back trips-1st Seattle/Orcas Island and then NOLA!

Top Left Photo-How adorable is my nephew! Bottom 2 Photos-Much needed weekend away to Tahoe.

Top 2 Photos-Fall "To Do", oyster shucking in Pt. Reyes; Bottom-I actually cooked a turkey!

Top-Quick roadtrip down to LA.  Bottom-Holidays in the city

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