Tuesday, October 30, 2012

California Adventure-pumpkin patch

After a tough week, I was very excited to have the weekend finally arrive.  We had spent the weekend before traveling to Kansas and visiting family and friends.  It was an amazing weekend, but like most trips, was happy to be home (though I admit I was already missing everyone before I left KC).

So this past weekend, R and I decided to take it very easy.  We had a Halloween party on Saturday night, but spent most of the weekend enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.  Oh, and watching the Giants make their way to win the World Series!

On Sunday, we ventured down south to Half Moon Bay to enjoy the sunshine on the coast.  It was the perfect day for flannel, boots, shorts and pumpkins!  I love pumpkin patches, and choosing fun shapes, colors and sizes to decorate the apartment.  We chose one, to fulfill my fall goal of carving a pumpkin.

So Monday evening, R and I enjoyed carving our "hipster" pumpkin, drinking hot cider and watching a movie.

Moz and I with our pumpkin loot

Carved pumpkin and display in the apartment

Half Moon Bay-enjoyed some salt water taffy for the drive home

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