Monday, October 8, 2012

California Adventure-Exploring Nevada

This weekend was R's birthday, so we decided to take a mini-roadtrip to Reno, Nevada.  With an additional million people in the city this weekend, too, it was a good time to take off.  The purpose of the trip was not to actually spend time in Reno--but to journey east onto the Blackrock Desert Playa to a remote hot springs.  Trego Hot Springs is located 2 1/2 hours outside of Reno and near where Burning Man is hosted every year.  Its small and relatively shallow, but the water comes out of the ground at 190 degrees, so a little ways from the source is the perfect temperature.      

Afterwards, we drove onto the playa in search of another springs, with the general instructions to head North towards black rock...needless to say, we did not find it.  However, it was very fascinating to drive along a dry lake bed at 65 miles an hour with nothing to follow except for some tire tracks.  Along with Burning Man, this is also where they host all of the world's fastest land races.  R knew that I would be completely fascinated by this random fact!

Trego Hot Spring-Nevada

Black Rock Desert Playa
 On Sunday, we headed back west to Lake Tahoe.  I hadn't been there all summer (or winter for that matter), so it was an incredible to day to spend hiking and wandering about.  I even went October!!  Tahoe was nearly deserted, so it was great to have some amazing "secret" beaches all to ourselves!

My hiking shoes

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