Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wedding Week-Reception

Looking at the photos this week has really helped me to appreciate how truly special R and I's day was.   It was one event (and maybe the only) where we could be surrounded by all of our family and dearest friends in one place.  It was a time where Kansas could truly meet California.  Both sides of our lives could come together, though not in the middle, but on a ranch off of Highway 1 (one of R and I's favorite drives).

Our version of American Gothic
After we got engaged, R and I immediately knew that we wanted to do the wedding and reception out doors.  We wanted locally-sourced, in-season food and flowers, and a place that just seemed "us".  Pie Ranch turned out to be just that place.  Here was a working farm that also happened to host weddings.  It was on Highway 1, with a view of the ocean across the fields.  It also has an amazing business model and supports one of R and I's favorite local haunts (mentioned here).  The fact that they were available the very month/weekend that we wanted just seemed like it was meant to be!

They also gave us a list of local vendors to work with, all of which turned out to be amazing to work with.  Our caterer, Local Harvest Catering, had an amazing selection of local/in-season/organic food, all of which we enjoyed immensely once sampled!  Also, I got my one food request, which was asparagus!  Crazy, but I go crazy over fresh vegetables. 

Though it was a bit risky to host a wedding in Northern California outside at the end of May, it was well worth the risk and we tried to prepare with fleece blankets and heaters!

The eucalyptus trees lining the road was an immediate love by me when we visited the ranch.

So fairy tale-esque 

Photos via the incredible Nirav Photography.
Food / Lavender Lemonade: Local Harvest Catering
Wine: Cupcake / Layer Cake / Korbel
Centerpieces: Flowers from Dinner Bell Farms / vintage mason jars / Arranged by my amazing bridesmaids 


  1. cuteness overload! you two look great and the pics are amazing! and moises looks extra hansome :-)

  2. I love the pictures!! Super beautiful! :)

  3. Ahh, thanks ladies!! I can't believe it took me so long to get my act together to put them up!


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