Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Week-Getting Ready

Two days from now will mark R and I's 4 month anniversary.  I cannot believe that the entire summer and September has flown by so quickly.  I also cannot believe how long it has taken me to put this post together.  I wanted to give it time, effort and energy...most of which I did not have these last couple of months.  I know many of our friends have wondered where we dropped off too...well to tell the truth, I have been hiding at home--sleeping, reading and drinking wine.

However, with the beginning of fall, it is time for me to come out of my hole and share the photographs from our amazing wedding photographer, Nirav. He was able to capture the day so vividly, that looking at the photos these last couple of months brings the entire day back.  

I will admit that I have been holding the photos hostage these last couple of months.  Admiring them and cherishing my memories of the day.  No longer though!  Because R and I had an AMAZING day, surrounded by our dearest friends and family, and the photos are too good not to share.  So thank you everyone who was there, and to Nirav and Heather, who were like part of the family!

p.s. Check out Nirav's blog/portfolio.  The guy is incredible!!!  We were so lucky to have him be part of our big day!

Dramatic view of Highway 1

There are so many amazing photos, that I thought it best (and to keep you coming back for more) to break it up into sections of the day.  So here is "Getting Ready"!

Bottom photo-I actually wrote my vows at 2:30 in the morning the night had to practice!
R's family house that they stayed.
Our wonderful flower girl-Johannah.  
Top Left-Jeremiah, who did the amazing reading at the ceremony!

Wouldn't be my wedding without a British fastener hat/veil 


Details--Dress: J.Crew / Veil: Local SF vendor from Edwardian Ball / Necklace: Anthropologie / Glitter Flats: J. Crew

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