Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding Week-Dessert and Dancing

No wedding would be complete without some amazing dessert and dancing.  One of the few things that I truly, truly got excited about in the wedding planning was cake tasting!  I absolutely love cake, and I may be one of the few who really, really loves wedding cake.  However, getting married at a placed named "Pie Ranch", you really ought to have pie.  But then again, I am a fan of nearly all desserts, so we set out to create a dessert table, an opportunity for our loved ones to try a variety of delicious desserts.  That turned into a simple, delicious 2-layer cake from SF bakery, Susie Cakes, 4 flavors of pies from Mission Pie (strawberry rhubarb, apple rhubarb, apricot raspberry and apricot frangipane), macaroons and homemade mints!  And since we love desserts so much, that we sent all of our guests home with homemade strawberry rhubarb "pie-in-a-jar".

I also have to give a shout out to our amazing friends who set up the barn and reception and transported the pies and pie-in-a-jars from the city to the farm.  All of it looked ahh-mazing!!  We couldn't have done it without all of you!

Wedding gift made by our dear friend, Becky!

My favorite wedding purchase was our cake topper made for us exclusively by CreativeButterflyXOX, via Etsy.  And another nod to our Kansas heritage and R's love of Superman! 

A favorite photo of my grandfather!

The dance part of the night was hands down my favorite part.  When planning the wedding, I knew that I wanted it to be a great party with all of our friends!  Party it was!  We had an amazing time dancing to some awesome 90's music like "Whoomp There it Is" and Ace of Base, current pop music and wedding classics like the "Electric Slide"!  So another shout out to our awesome DJ, Scott from Music Now.

R and I's started it off dancing to Jack Johnson's "Constellations".  R introduced me to Johnson's music shortly after we met in Tanzania, and it was the potential of going to one of his concerts out here in SF that got him to initially make the journey west.  Of course, that concert was sold out, but 5 years later I finally made good on that promise.

For the father/daughter dance, I had a really difficult time making a decision.  I wanted it to be somewhat light-hearted and not as sentimental.  I finally found Johnny Cash's version of "You Are My Sunshine" which turned out to be quite perfect.  For R and his mom, it was the beautiful "Its a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

Spending the final moments dancing the night away in my cowboy boots (yes, I did change into boots!) and eating pie was the perfect end to our special day!

I can't resist putting up a special picture of my adorable nephew on his 2nd trip to SF!

 Awesome, awesome photos via Nirav Photography.

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