Sunday, January 8, 2012

journeys of a lifetime-kalalau trail

Earlier this year, R and I picked up National Geographic's "100 Journeys of a Lifetime".  I love reviewing lists and seeing how many items I can check off.  This one was particularly intriguing, because both R and I love to explore and travel!

I would love to go to all of the places on the list, but the Kalalau Trail on Kauai Island has been on my must-see list for a while!  It combined breathtaking views, a challenging hike and faraway location.
The hike did not disappoint!  During my research for our trip, I had found many people advising how extremely difficult and treacherous the trail is.  It is only 11 miles, but the climbs and dangerous narrow trail (next to cliffs that drop straight into the ocean) are grueling.
However the views of the coast are incredible and the long stretch of beach at the end makes it well worth the trek.  Miles 7-9 are the toughest with extremely narrow paths and a little cliff-hugging rock climbing!
The trail most certainly deserves to be in the "100 Lifetime Journeys" and I look forward to checking off a few more locations off the list in the coming years!

Above is a link of just a short video I took of the wind.  You can see the edge of the hike and also the extreme wind that there was that high!! 

For more pics, please check out my facebook page.  
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