Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Bliss

It has been a very long while since I posted.  I really apologize!!  At first, I would blame it on the busyness of June.  My sister's wedding and prepping for it took a lot of my time in the evenings.  However, there is really no excuse for the 2 weeks since I have been home.  That said, I am finally getting a few pics from the wedding posted on here.

Overall, it was an amazing week getting ready for my little sister's wedding.  I remember distinctly the moment that I found out that she had been born...and now nearly 20 years later, I was able to stand up next to her as she said "I do".  

Before the wedding, there was a fabulous weekend away for the bachelorette!  I spent the weekend with 11 lovely ladies at our childhood vacation destination, Worlds of Fun.  We rode roller coasters, listed to 70's British Pop Show and drove around 1920's style taxis.  It was an afternoon of fabulousness! The hats and headbands were a definite hit with the people at Worlds of Fun. 

Top right pic: myself and the bride, Jenna.  Middle pic: myself, Abby (#3) and Sarah (#2)

June 18th was the wedding day at last!  It was a beautiful ceremony in our hometown church with the smell of lilies and hydrangeas filling the air.  Tears brimming in my eyes as I watched my baby sister walk down the aisle.   

Thomas More wrote, 
There is nothing half so sweet in life 
As love's young dream.
To a long and happy marriage, Jenna and Andrew!

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