Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Over the past year, I have been learning a lot about decorating and furnishing homes.  Last September when my roommate moved out, I finally had to grow up and start to buy furniture.  To me, this is one thing that really marked you as a real adult (though now I am not so sure).  It has definitely been fun to learn more about my own style and inspirations.  I have long been interested in fashion, but it was completely new to me to try to mix and match furniture to help make my apartment truly home.

One of the rooms that I have been most craving adding some more personal style to is my bedroom.  I want it to be a sanctuary for sleep, but it also double as my work space.  I love the idea of a soft and feminine space, but with personality!  I am definitely not a minimalist, so I love the idea of colors and being surrounded by my personal treasures.  I have collected a quick look of inspiration for bedrooms!

source: honeyhouses
I LOVE the idea of a bedroom with with a cozy rug and a bed full of fun, quirky pillows.  Also, who wouldn't want that amazing ornate mirror!
source: apartment therapy
Soft and sweetly feminine.  My bedroom gets tons of natural light, and this is definitely a great way to make it light and pretty.
source: left- apartment therapy / right: west elm
I collect pillows from my travels, many of which are full of reds, pinks and turquoises.  I love the idea of mixing red and turquoise in a bedroom (or in any room for that matter!).
source: left- sarah kaye / right- nskwood 
I am keeping an eye out on craigslist and flea markets for the perfect wrought iron bed!

source: top left-apartment therapy / bottom left-apartment therapy / right-apartment therapy

This is just a sample of some of the inspiration that I have found.  If you want more, check out my pinterest boards.  Pinterest is a great website what you can collect images from the web into storyboards of inspiration!

**all images via pinterest.  for original sources, please review links in captions. 

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