Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mission Sunday

This weekend turned out to be a super casual weekend in the city.  I had such a busy week, that instead of going out of town, as planned, we had a little mini-staycation.  This meant mostly lounging around the apartment, napping or working on the garden (in R's case).  On Sunday, we did venture out for a few hours to meander down Valencia Street.  This is one of my favorite streets in the Mission...and most likely the city for browsing.  

We started off at a new coffee shop, where we tried some of their wide variety of scones.  We tried the berry and corn/cherry scone.  They were both delicious, but especially the corn/cherry.  It was a crumbling corn muffin with dried cherries.  Amazing!!  Definitely will have to stop by here again.

Next was a small vintage shop, The Apartment.  This place is great for vintage furniture and just in general cool finds.  R & I spent 20 minutes looking through old photographs of architecture.  It was fun to browse through others memories of their trips around the U.S. and abroad.  We ended up with a couple of great photos of a chalet at the Swiss Alps and the Paris Opera house from the late 50's.

On our way home, we took a detour over a couple blocks to a new kitchen shop called Pot and Pantry.  Super tiny, but full of cute vintage and new items.  It was featured here by another SF blogger.  So definitely check out her photos!!

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