Thursday, July 14, 2011

geometric goodness

This weekend, besides brunching in the mission, I went over to Fort Mason for a local artist fair, Renegade.  I used to love to go to craft shows when I was younger with my mom and sisters.  We would browse through the crafty, Americana items that local artists were selling.  Halloween and Christmas were the best times for these, as then you could get plenty of holiday decor!  

SF has many of the same type fairs that I loved going to as a child.  Local artists, selling beautiful hand-made items.  I got 2 amazing prints (I love collecting fun art pieces), some hand-printed, linen coasters and the below fabulous geometric necklace.  I have been dreaming about geometric and native pieces for awhile.  I love the idea of bringing southwest style with a little modern flair!  The necklace was just what I was looking for.  A long chain and large enough "charm" to make a statement.  To add a little drama to my white tee and jeans (though I wore it this week with white tee and black sequin skirt!)  

This got me thinking about other great fashion items.  I found a few great pieces that are definitely more native inspired than true geometric.  However, I love the idea of some bright, vibrant colors with some great geometric patterns for fall!

Thinking about shapes brings up the ultimate "geometric" fashion item.  Yves St. Laurent's dress, circa 1965.  Inspired by Piet Mondrian's art pieces, this was a true example of how much fun you can have with bold, primary colors and simple lines!

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