Thursday, May 26, 2011

A New Pair of Shoes!

I may be a little late to the trend, but I have been on the hunt for a good pair of feminine oxford shoes for a while.  I finally found these from Steve Madden, and they came in yesterday!  I am so excited to have a new flat to wear to work and out and about (though they could use some breaking in).

Wearing these shoes today, I had menswear on the brain.  I am usually more a fan of colorful, girly, bohemian style, but there is something refreshing about clean, simple, feminine menswear.  I have also been on the hunt for a white button-down shirt and a gold watch, and I think I may have found them!!

I put together a couple of ways that I would want to add a slightly even more girly twist to the menswear trend.

1. Linen Shirt, J.Crew; 2. Bracelet, Betsy Johnson; 3. Apprentice Frames, Spex Club; 4. Foldover Shorts; BR Monogram; 5.  Madison Bag, Melie Bianco

I love the potential of a clean, but loose white shirt paired with a pair of "grown-up" shorts.  Here in SF, I would probably have to add tights to this outfit, but here's to pretending that the warm weather is coming.  I also love the idea of a structured bag, with some oversize natural frames and a simple (but pretty awesome) Betsy Johnson bracelet.  Have to give it a little bit of a twist.

1. Top, Prabal Gurung for J.Crew; 2. Watch, Marc Jacobs; 3. Bartlett frames, Spex Club; 4. Really Skinny pant, Gap; 5. Ozzie Square Bentley bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs
A pair of skinny, black pants should be a staple in every girl's wardrobe, which is why I am looking for an addition to mine!  Something simple to wear to work, but of course still be able to ride my bike.  I love the oversize bow in J.Crew's special collection, with a pop of color for the bag (I really can't go anywhere with at least some pink) and another pair of amazing frames!  I really may have to look into expanding my glasses collection even further!

*Not to mention the a pair of turquoise shorts would be a great addition to a summer wardrobe!


  1. No wonder you always look so cute and put together! I have never come close to thinking this hard about what to wear. Not even once, for something fancy. This was a really interesting peep into the head of a fashion fan! You plan outfits like some people would plan their living room decor. Genius!

  2. If you are looking for skinny black pants try Gap. I think they carry a skinny fit but their recent modern fits are incredible!! I was impressed with the fabric been soft soft and stretchy. Did I mention it has 2-way stretch too!! I will be getting a pair soon but in petite sizing.,2963291,9&clink=2963291

  3. Debby-thanks for the nice comment and for reading! I do have a strange habit of thinking of clothes in how they would be described in a magazine :). Oh, and hopefully I'll get some good pics of Moz on the site soon! I feel like that's missing...

    Jessica-I will definitely have to check th out asap in the store! Can't wait to see u in yours!! :)


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