Friday, May 27, 2011

Morning Reflection

Its turning out to be a dreary morning here in San Francisco, which means perfect time for a morning cup of tea and reflection (though a sunny morning is perfect too for balcony tea).  There is something about traditional tea in a teapot, drinking out of a cup and saucer that feels so great for morning journaling.  On real paper, with a real pen.  There are just some things that can never be replaced by a computer, and for me its a good time to really reflect on the week, my upcoming weekend and honestly my aspirations for the future.

Nothing can quite make a morning like dainty flowered cups filled with tea, honey and cream!

I am headed to the wilderness for the long weekend.  Excited to spend some time getting fresh air, sunshine and spending quality time with Moz (he has way too much pent up energy right now)!  I wish everyone a fabulous start to summer and Memorial Weekend!

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