Tuesday, May 31, 2011

California Adventure

This weekend, R and I took the Fiesta for a long weekend road trip.  Leaving at 2am from SF, we arrived in San Bernadino National Forest, where we spent the next 2 days camping, hiking and lounging around a swimming hole/hot springs.  It was great, except for some serious wind!  I guess that is how it is in the desert, but I really thought our tent was going to blow away!

The journey home was more "road trip" style.  We spent Monday slowly making our way back up the coast; stopping for breakfast with friends, lunch/window shopping in Santa Barbara, picking blueberries (more to come on this) and froyo in San Luis Obispo.

View from the sidewalk in Santa Barbara, CA

California Coast (the ocean is back there!)

I was so glad for some time out of the city and enjoying the sunshine!  Sometimes, nature and the open road is just what one needs to be rested and restored to prepare for the crazy upcoming summer months.  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Morning Reflection

Its turning out to be a dreary morning here in San Francisco, which means perfect time for a morning cup of tea and reflection (though a sunny morning is perfect too for balcony tea).  There is something about traditional tea in a teapot, drinking out of a cup and saucer that feels so great for morning journaling.  On real paper, with a real pen.  There are just some things that can never be replaced by a computer, and for me its a good time to really reflect on the week, my upcoming weekend and honestly my aspirations for the future.

Nothing can quite make a morning like dainty flowered cups filled with tea, honey and cream!

I am headed to the wilderness for the long weekend.  Excited to spend some time getting fresh air, sunshine and spending quality time with Moz (he has way too much pent up energy right now)!  I wish everyone a fabulous start to summer and Memorial Weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A New Pair of Shoes!

I may be a little late to the trend, but I have been on the hunt for a good pair of feminine oxford shoes for a while.  I finally found these from Steve Madden, and they came in yesterday!  I am so excited to have a new flat to wear to work and out and about (though they could use some breaking in).

Wearing these shoes today, I had menswear on the brain.  I am usually more a fan of colorful, girly, bohemian style, but there is something refreshing about clean, simple, feminine menswear.  I have also been on the hunt for a white button-down shirt and a gold watch, and I think I may have found them!!

I put together a couple of ways that I would want to add a slightly even more girly twist to the menswear trend.

1. Linen Shirt, J.Crew; 2. Bracelet, Betsy Johnson; 3. Apprentice Frames, Spex Club; 4. Foldover Shorts; BR Monogram; 5.  Madison Bag, Melie Bianco

I love the potential of a clean, but loose white shirt paired with a pair of "grown-up" shorts.  Here in SF, I would probably have to add tights to this outfit, but here's to pretending that the warm weather is coming.  I also love the idea of a structured bag, with some oversize natural frames and a simple (but pretty awesome) Betsy Johnson bracelet.  Have to give it a little bit of a twist.

1. Top, Prabal Gurung for J.Crew; 2. Watch, Marc Jacobs; 3. Bartlett frames, Spex Club; 4. Really Skinny pant, Gap; 5. Ozzie Square Bentley bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs
A pair of skinny, black pants should be a staple in every girl's wardrobe, which is why I am looking for an addition to mine!  Something simple to wear to work, but of course still be able to ride my bike.  I love the oversize bow in J.Crew's special collection, with a pop of color for the bag (I really can't go anywhere with at least some pink) and another pair of amazing frames!  I really may have to look into expanding my glasses collection even further!

*Not to mention the a pair of turquoise shorts would be a great addition to a summer wardrobe!

In the Future...People Will Run

"In the future, people will run for fun." -Doc Brown, Back to the Future 3

I have to say that I find this ridiculous quote really funny and inspiring.  I love the idea that people at one point (and still today) think its crazy for people to actually go out and run for FUN!  I have to admit that I am one of those crazy people.  I love running!  I love the sound of my feet pounding on the pavement and pushing myself to new limits.  For me, its exhilarating...well most of the time.  

This does not mean that I don't often choose the snooze button over my Nikes.  But as  I up my running to train for the Nike Womens Marathon, I love to think about the fans on the sideslines, cheering for me...a complete stranger, especially around, oh...miles 18-26.

Oh, to be more stylish in my runs!  I love workout clothes that are bright, bold and give you energy just looking at them.  For me, neons are my go to colors...and sadly sometimes this means that the only things clean are purple tights and a neon pink top. 

Athleta jacket, athleta.com; Nux bra at Fred Segal; Fashionation headphones, merkuryinnovations.com

Splits59 vest, splits59.com; Adidas by Stella McCartney pants, shopadidas.com; Puma bag, zappos.com; American Apparel wristband, americanapparel.com 

Finally, I'll leave you with a little inspiration from Lululemon.  There is always a surprising, inspiring quote that will help you look at life a little more optimistically.  My favorite, Dance, Sing, Floss and Travel.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mission Sunday

My favorite neighborhood in the city...the mission. A laid-back weekend for me has to include perusing many of the shops and food found there.  One of the best areas is Valencia St.  The street is filled with amazing boutiques, used bookstores, bike shops (including newly paved streets, bike lanes and more recently installed bike parking) and delicious food.

Though, I could spend entire posts talking about my love for TherapyDog-Eared BooksPaxton Gate and Valencia Cyclery, tonight was all about eating.  One new fabulous place is Grub.  A more recent addition to Valencia, it's specialty (at least in my mind) is their mac and cheese bar (mine included lobster, truffle oil and broccoli)   This was only my second visit today, but it was delish!

After dinner, it was time for dessert at one of my personal favorites, Mission Pie.  This is a great local pie shop where all of the ingredients are grown on a nearby farm.  Even better, the for-profit business offers  opportunities for local youth to learn about farming and business practices, including making the pies and running the shop.  Oh, not to mention, their fresh, organic pies and coffees, this is a great local SF business.  Today's special...mixed berry pie with whipped cream, YUM!

Mixed Berry Pie with whipped cream

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Beginnings

My first step into the world of blogging! I am so excited to be able to share things that I find inspiring, beautiful or just plain fun! I have the privilege of living in an amazing city that is always full of adventure. I hope that you enjoy discovering life's loveliness with me!

Springtime is in full swing here in California. The flowers are blooming, the days are longer (though the fog sometimes masks the sun) and the weather is attempting to get warmer. That said, in SF it is sometimes hard to distinguish the seasons from each other. Our springtime usually happens in June, followed by a couple months of winter and then summer in October! But one thing that never ceases to remind me of the season is lilacs! The aroma of lilacs takes me back to springtime in Kansas, May day baskets and evenings playing outdoors! So to bring in a little hometown into the city, I brought home a bunch of lilac from a local flower shop.

It took some time to get them arranged, but alas 2 beautiful bouquets to help bring some spring and sunshine into my city apartment!

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